Part two: corrective color success story. Ladies I won’t get into what I did to correct this clients hair but I will make you aware of how important it is to research and pay for a quality service. High quality products, continued education and passion all make the best stylist for you. Do your research, ask questions and ask to see pictures of styles they have done that are similar. Please don’t expect to pay nothing for these services “ombré” “color melting” “vivid or fashion shades” and “blonde” are ALL creative processes that take time, money and talent. I was so happy with Adriana’s hair today and I was happy to see the smile on her face. Thanks again for trusting me with your correction (color by @danabannon) #pageboypgh #colorcorrection #colormelt #balayage #btcpics #redkenshadeseq #flashlift #olaplex #trustyourstylist

Taken at: pageboy salon & boutique